Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Out with the bugs, in with the new

Our new traveling exhibit, Sustainable Choices, opens on Jan. 22 and runs through Mother's Day Weekend. It's a terrific and informative exhibit on the ecological implications of the choices you make in day-to-day life, and a wonderful addition to our role as one of Southern California's premiere science education institutions.

There weren't any 12-foot robot bugs to install this time, so we were able to complete installation quickly once Backyard Monsters was on its way. The exhibit features several information panels on themes such as laundry, electricity, transportation, shopping, and bathing - each one providing quick facts and figures about how the choices we make affect the sustainability of natural resources. There are also several interactive exhibits that help bring these ideas to life. You can even plant a seed to bring home and grow!

Our exhibit space also gave us the opportunity to supplement the standard Sustainable Choices exhibit with some fascinating information about the Western Center campus - one of the most eco-friendly museums in the country. If you've ever wondered what our LEED Platinum rating really means, you'll be surprised to find out just how many intriguing and creative ideas went into the design and construction of our buildings - and you can see it as it came to life, through photos from the Water + Life Campus' construction.