Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Excavation Summer Camps

We once again put our Simulated Dig Site to use, this time for our Excavation Summer Camps. We offered week long archaeology and paleontology camps that gave middle school-aged students the opportunity to learn how to properly excavate, record and catalog artifacts as well as a chance at some hands-on dirty work. With Doug teaching the paleontology camp and Darla teaching the archaeology camp, we certainly had our hands full. We went through lots of water, sunscreen and snacks, and although the heat was not always on our side, we had a great turn out and the kids seemed to have a good time and they did a great job. We look forward to the continuation and growth of our excavation programs and hope to be offering adult excavation courses soon!

For more information please contact us at (951) 791-0033 or visit the website.